The Representative of an Overseas Business Visa UK, also known as a Sole Rep Visa UK, is an immigration route viable for many modern businesses in India. In the era of profit maximization, businesses have one significant element that they focus on when framing effective business strategies i.e. business expansion. Having a global presence doesn’t only build on a business’ identity but also increases its market value.

United Kingdom has impeccable opportunities for business expansion in various fields like advanced manufacturing, automotive, food and drink manufacturing, life sciences, space technology, communications, electronics, IT hardware, asset management, nuclear, financial technology and many more.

If you have an ongoing business in one such field and intend to mark a global presence, then the UK holds immense potential in terms of your profit maximization goals like:

  • You get access to a fresh base of customers;
  • Technological ease and potential for development of innovations and products;
  • Comfortable access to European Union member countries for better trade opportunities.

Now the question that arises is, how do you set up your business there? How do you branch out?

You have a business plan in place, you have funds available at your disposal and you have the motivation to make your presence in the UK. But, do you know the best visa route for your requirements?

We do. It is Representative of Oversea business or Sole Rep visa.

In a Sole Representative visa, you as a business or a company can send an employee of your organization to the UK to expand your business. This employee is someone who:

  • Works at a senior level in the organization;
  • Is not a majority shareholder; and
  • Has extensive knowledge and experience in the organization’s domain

Another requirement to apply for a Sole Representative visa for the business, among other things, is that the company’s main headquarter should be outside the UK. The business cannot move its main operations to the UK but only create a branch or a wholly owned subsidiary.

The employee who is going to the UK on a Sole Representative visa gets entry clearance for an initial period of 2.5 years. In this period, the representative has the liberty and opportunity to set up a branch or a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK and test waters in the best interest of the organization.

The Representative, at the end of 2.5 years can then apply for an extension for the visa for another 2 years to remain in the UK.

All the time that the employee is residing in the UK on a Sole Representative visa, is for the expansion of the company on the global level, in turn, bringing you the kind of exposure and profits your business intends to earn.

To know more about the Sole Rep visa the UK, visit our UK sole Representative Visa page. If you have any other queries about legal immigration to the UK, fill out your details and one of our associates will be in touch with you shortly.


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