How to gain permanent residence in the UK on a skilled worker visa

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As of 1st January 2021 the new points based system came in to effect. With Brexit finally coming in to effect the new points based system is expected to fill the void left for UK employers to bring workers from outside the UK. In this article, our UK skilled worker visa experts shed light on how applicants who are employing under new points based system are eligible for permanent settlement, also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain.

“This simple, effective, and flexible system will ensure employers can recruit the skilled workers they need, whilst also encouraging employers to train and invest in the UK’s workforce,” UK Home Secretary Priti Patel had mentioned in a news release.

The Skilled Worker visa involves a point-based system as a route for individuals who are skilled and have proof of being employed by an employer in the UK. The job requires working up to a certain skill level with a certain threshold for the salary. Some knowledge of the English language is necessary. The points based immigration system works to attract valuable assets as skilled workers to the UK and helps to contribute positively to the economy and the community.

The biggest change has been that the new system treats the EU and non EU job seekers at par. The program, pays more heed to immigration, mobility, and border issues. Applicants are required to score 70 points to be eligible to apply.

The application has to be made online after which applicants also have to prove their identity and verify their details to the UK officials. Surcharges and other fees may be involved. Typically the decision will be made within three weeks. Non-UK nationals can stay for 5 continuous years after which they will have the option apply for indefinite leave to stay in the UK if they meet the eligibility requirements of the same.

Overall all these clauses and the little modifications in them have made the application process easier than before.

The SmartMove2UK attempted at explaining the ease in the process and putting forward the requirements to give the reader a basic idea of the skilled worker visa.

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