Applying for and obtaining a UK visitor’s visa | UK Tourist Visit Visa | British Visa for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland can feel very stressful, especially the first time (though it doesn’t have to be).

It is also harder for some people to get in than others.

Unfortunately, here as elsewhere, money counts and people from poorer countries have to provide evidence that they will not be a burden on the state.

This applies to Indians

It may appear that the British Deputy High Commission staff are against you at times. This is not true, they are doing their jobs: they are looking out for the interests of the British people and it would benefit you not to get personal with them.

The UK visitor’s visa strictly bars access to public funds of any and every kind. No social security, no health benefits and no working. It does not grant you the right to work.

It is strictly enforced and any violation will mean enforced repatriation to India with your own ticket!

Here are some tips to help you tide through:

  1. Be true to your purpose: State the true purpose of your travel so if you want to go on a business trip or a job interview or visiting a friend then say it. Have one main purpose for your visit and stick with it for the application.
  2. Provide documentary evidence: UK gets thousands of applications for visitor visas and the Entry Clearance officer has to make decisions on your applications based on the documentary evidence that you submit. So ensure you submit your Income Tax Returns, Property ownership documents, relationship evidence, Bank statements as necessary.
  3. Fill the right form: The Visa application form (VAF) is obtained from the UK Visa website this will also include information on your Visa fee and allow you to book an appointment online for the submission of your application.
  4. Prove you have adequate funds: Visiting the UK and taking a holiday is expensive so ensure that you have adequate money to fund your trip, stay and other expenses. There is no ‘ideal’ amount. But if you have limited funds of your own then it’s a good idea to get additional funds or a ‘letter of support’ from your parents or brother or sister supporting your trip. Try to avoid taking a loan to show as it affects the merits of your application. Cash deposits are to be AVOIDED as much as possible.
  5. Show evidence that you will come back: If you have a job, family, business and some assets then you stand a better chance convincing the Entry Clearance officer that you will be back.

Do not rush your UK Visitor visa process, typical processing times are 3 working weeks (Monday – Friday). If you have travelled without difficulty in the last five years to one of the following countries: UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or a Schengen country, you would be eligible for the Fast Track Service.

If you really need a visa in a hurry you can opt for the Super Priority Visa Service (you can get visa in a day, but will cost you an additional £600)

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