Appendix FM published by the Home Office specifies how the sponsor (family member of the applicant) can meet the requirement, typically the requirement for the UK spouse visa which can be met in one of the five ways:

  • Earnings from salary or non-salary (but regular earning) – the sponsor can be employed and earn the required salary or the sponsor can also be self-employed and earn the specified income. If the applicant is in the UK with permission to work then their income can also be counted towards the income requirement.
  • If the sponsor earns income from rent or dividends from shares then it can also be considered
  • The sponsor and the applicant can also have access to savings in excess of £ 16,000 or its equivalent in any currency that can be used towards meeting the income requirement. The savings need to be held for 6 months before it can be used.
  • In case the sponsor receives pension either in the UK or in any other country then the same can also be considered for meeting the financial requirement
  • For sponsors who are self employed as Directors in their own companies can also use the dividend income or salary income from their company.

The appendix for financial eligibility also provides that a combination of these sources may be used to meet the requirement, for example, if the sponsor is in salaried employment and also earns rental income then the same can be combined. However, at the same time cash savings and income from self-employment cannot be combined.

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