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Living Costs for UK Tier 4 Student? A Simple Guide

If a student has already paid all their accommodation fees to their Tier 4 sponsor, how much money do they have to show for living costs?

Students who are applying for Tier 4 student visa to the UK are required to show that they have enough funds to pay the tuition fees and to meet the living expenses.

If the student has already paid all or some of your accommodation fees to their Tier 4 sponsor before making the application, this amount up to a maximum of £1,265, will also be taken away from the total amount of money the student is required to show for living costs, however, the amount taken away cannot exceed a maximum of £1,265, even if the student has paid more than £1,265 in advance for accommodation.

For example, if you are studying in London, are studying a course of more than 12 months, and you have paid your course fees in full. The amount of maintenance you would need to show would be £11,385 (£1,265 for 9 months); however, as you have already paid £1,265 to your university as a contribution towards your accommodation, the amount you need to show is reduced to £10,120:

Amount of Maintenance – £11,385 Amount paid to Sponsor for accommodation – £1,265 Total maintenance they are required to show – £10,120.

The recent update on the Immigration rules provides a clarification to the guidance to make clear that where a Tier 4 (General) student has already paid all or some of their accommodation fees to their Tier 4 sponsor before making their application, and is staying in Independent School arranged accommodation, they can deduct up to £1,265 from the total amount of money they need to show for living costs.

Applicants need to note that this only applies to students who are staying in university, college or independent school arranged accommodation.

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