According to the British Telecommunications (BT), the UK was ranked the second most desirable country in the world for business expansion. The countries that were ranked based on their potential customer base and the average affluence and disposable income of their citizens. The UK is widely cited for the perceived quality of its governance and regulation security around IT security and data protection. This makes Britain an extremely valuable nation for expansion plans.

The sole representative visa provides anyone from Mumbai the opportunity to utilize their business acumen to raise their business to new heights in a new country: The UK. If you aren’t sure if the Sole Representative Visa is the right path for representing your company in the UK, then have a look at the following (incomplete) list. If you fit into any one of these roles in your life, you may want to consider the UK as your next corporate office.

  1. You represent an overseas business that could benefit from a high-income market

UK is ranked by OECD as a high income market where the GNI per capita is in excess of US$42,000. If you would like to set up a branch or a marketing office to benefit from this huge upside then this is the right category for your business.

  1. Your business requires a flexible environment

By being untied from the European Union, the UK can react quickly to global events and market shifts. This could be very advantageous to smart, agile organizations with high ambitions.

  1. Recruitment

Companies in various industries, especially the ones in the tech scene, will benefit more from higher selectivity in the immigration requirements available to a UK that has been separated from the EU. The number of work visas that can be granted will be much more. Experienced specialists from countries such as India and China will be more freely available.

For more information on how to apply for the Sole Representative Visa including extending an already existent visa or applying for a new one, or even applying as dependents of a person with the Sole Representative Visa, contact SmartMove2UK, a niche law firm with a specialization in Immigration law. We will guide you through every step of your UK immigration process.

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