Why should you be concerned with a Sole Representative Visa UK if you want to expand your business to Britain?

Introducing any product or service to any market are always dealt with certain hesitation on the part of consumers, thanks to the array of products and services which are already available in the market which seems like a common phenomenon in any business. If the product or service is a concept which has not been yet introduced to any markets, there are more chances of consumer rejecting the idea altogether. This may be due to the consumers of being completely unfamiliar with the product, in fact, about eighty percent of most of these products or services succumb to failure within the first year of introducing them into the market. Testing the hot waters before jumping right into is not only a viable option in the above circumstances but it would also save your organisation from any major repercussion.

The Sole Representative Visa UK gives your organisation a unique opportunity to deal with the nuances of setting up your product or service or even just testing out your brainchild’s prototype in the UK market. The Representative of an Overseas Business Visa can explore his options and come to the best possible conclusion as to what is the best fit for your business. The eligibility criteria to meet the Sole Representative Visa is easier as compared to its counterparts i.e. General work Visa which is a Tier-2 visa or even the Tier-1 Entrepreneur Visa.

Important aspects to be kept in mind while preparing oneself for Sole Representative Visa from your business organisation:

  • Your organisation must be situated outside the UK which means that the head registered office and the principal place of business, are not situated in the UK. It is to be noted that even if your organisation has a virtual or legal presence in the UK but has no employees and has not carried out any business as such, your organisation can apply through this medium as well.
  • The person who is to be sent as a representative on behalf of your organisation must be one of the senior members of the organisation with wide experience and knowledge who has autonomous authority being given to him to act as an agent of your organisation and not being a major shareholder of your organisation.
  • The English language requirements which can be met through certain modes can be accessed through better guidance from qualified solicitors, attorneys and paralegals.

Due to its cumbersome documentation and stringent Brexit regulations on behalf of the UK government, there was a decline of 11% of grant of visa under this group in the general census. Even after this dismissal rate, our solicitors and attorneys have been able to maintain a status quo of happy, satisfied clientele under the Sole Representative Visa. With massive expertise worth a decade, along with step-to-step guidance for every stage, The SmartMove2UK (a unit of Smart Move Immigration) has their offices situated all over the major cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh and London with easy access through Skype and other internet mediums to ease the burden of physically visiting the office.


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