The biggest challenge for anyone looking to settle or work in the UK is to find a job. An international graduate looking for a job from within the UK has trouble looking for a job, as companies eligible to provide sponsorship don’t provide employment that easily. In a situation where the market has a lot of job opportunity but with high competitiveness, it is suggested that you focus on the biggest UK work visa sponsorship industries; all top industries that have Tier 2 visa sponsors that provide jobs more frequently than the others.

This information may sound intimidating but giving up some amazing opportunities still available is not the solution. With the correct approach and guidance attaining a Tier 2 work visa can be an easy process.

Industries in the UK with the largest Tier 2 Visa workforce

Listed below are the four industries that any willing candidate can explore to get a sponsor for a Tier 2 Work visa:

Accounting and Professional Services:

Essentially this industry is booming in the UK and is providing maximum jobs in all of UK. This industry deals with a range of occupations that provide support to business. Some of the key parts of these services include Audit, Tax, Financial Advising and consulting.

Banking and Finance:

High wages and demand for skilled workers indicates that banking and finance sector is an attractive prospect for job seekers under Tier 2 Work Visa. The fact that skilled workers can help maintain the nation’s status as a leading global business centre is reason enough for companies to provide sponsorship under the Tier 2 Work Visa Program and increase employment.


Consultants provide advice and expertise to organizations to help them improve their business performance. The advices are with regard to operations, profitability, management, structure and strategy. Large employers run placements through the year as a lot of the working of a business is balanced by consultants.

Engineering and Industrial Sector:

In order to keep up with the demand of this sector, companies have employed more than 124,000 skilled workers so far. This industry is dominated by small and medium sized employers who hire with the motivation to grow and contribute better. Also, any high profile project creates high demand for employers, making this an accessible route for Tier 2 work visa aspirants.

The industries listed above are the biggest employers in the private sector that have provided sponsorship to qualified individuals. A few organizations that are considered as the biggest Tier 2 sponsors are EY, Deloitte LLP, Health Education England and JP Morgan.

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