Now you know you have the options to move to the UK to set up a business. But the key question is, why should you implement your startup plan in the UK? As opposed to any other country in the world, the UK has been home to some of the most successful start-ups in the world. It is to prove this point to you that The SmartMove2UK has taken the effort to make a list of the top 10 startups in the UK as of 2018!

This proves that the entrepreneurial scene is still hot and bubbling in the UK as this article is written. So make the smart move for your business (or your business plan) by taking the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa or the UK Sole representative Visa to move to the UK today!

For further conviction, this week we bring you the bottom 5 of the top 10 startups in the UK (the top 5 will be showcased in the following week!):

10) Cornerstone

Cornerstone - Start up in the UK

Cornerstone is an online subscription service for shaving products and toiletries that was founded in 2014 by twenty-eight-year-old Oliver Bridge. Customers have the option to choose from a range of products, including Cornerstone’s own house brand, and tailor their delivery schedule to match their own preference/routine. Cornerstone now has more than 110,000 customers in the UK.

9) Social Chain

Social-Chain - Start up in the UK

Social Chain is a social media marketing agency that runs campaigns for Media and entertainment powerhouses like Disney and the BBC. It was founded in the year 2015 by Steve Bartlett and Dominic McGregor. The startup owns world-renowned media brands such as Sport, Student Problems and Love Food. It has also experienced viral success with several advertising campaigns. The social chain recently set up offices in Berlin and New York.

8) LeadStream UK