The Tier 2 Sponsor Licence requires the companies to nominate an ‘Authorising Officer’. The Authorizing Officer is responsible for the acts of the staff or any third party representative, who are authorized to use the sponsor management system [SMS].

The Authorizing Officer is in charge of guaranteeing that the obligations put on the employer under the sponsor licence are met.

It is important that the Authorising Officer routinely review actions relating to the SMS and that key work force are performing their obligations and are kept regarding any changes in the guidelines governing licence compliance.

Key duties for an authorizing officer on Sponsor Management System

Reporting duties

to report the activities of the migrant workers within a predefined time, in particular relating to non-compliance and non-attendance or even disappearance.

Duty to keep records

to hold any documents submitted as a part of the application for a sponsor licence, including documents concerning each migrant worker, together with their up to date contact information.

Duty to Monitor

immigration status of sponsored migrant workers shall be monitored in order to prepare unlawful working. To be specific, they shall only assign certificates of sponsorship to migrants who are experienced to do the job, well qualified and registered.

Organizations need to guarantee key personnel are delegated and prepared to do their obligations effectively. Moreover, there should be effective frameworks set up to check the activities of all system users. For instance, as a basic, COS assigned to migrant employees should be checked on a regular basis.

Inability to comply the UKVI prerequisites for utilizing the framework, or to guarantee compliance on the part of any SMS users, will lead to an action being taken against the employer as the sponsor licence holder.

At The SmartMove2UK [a division of SmartMove Immigration] we provide advise and assistance to companies seeking to expand their business in UK to apply for Tier 2 sponsor licences. We also advise companies on their roles and responsibilities as Tier 2 sponsor licence holders. If you would like to evaluate the feasibility to apply for Tier 2 sponsor licence you can email us at [fusion_tooltip title=”Email to” class=”” id=”” placement=”top” trigger=”hover”][/fusion_tooltip].


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