Having a visa application refused can be a stressful experience. It can be confusing if one is not aware of the options or an alternate course of action. In cases like Tier 4 student visas time is also of the essence. Here we look at the options available to UK visa applicants who have had their UK Tier 4 visa refused.

If your Tier 4 visa has been refused, you will receive a refusal notice from the High Commission, this is known as the Notice of Refusal. In the notice of refusal, the entry clearance officer [i.e. the person assessing your student visa application] lays out the reasons for the refusal, the notice of refusal will also specify if the applicant has any recourse to review the decision, also known as Administrative Review.

As Tier 4 student visa is part of the points-based system visa. Under the points-based system, you don’t have a full right to appeal but you can apply for an administrative review.

Administrative Review for UK student Visa Refusal

If your Tier 4 visa has been refused an administrative review is a way to challenge the decision of the home office. Your application will be reviewed by the home office officials. However, it is important for you to know that you cannot submit any new evidence. In order to challenge the decision or fulfil the short comes at the time of the application.

You should apply for an administrative review within 28 days after you receive the refusal notice from the Home office. You cannot add any new evidence when you file your administrative refusal for Tier 4.

If the High Commission overturns your refusal decision, it will ask you to send in your passport or travel document.

The review result will be sent in the mail. You can request only one administrative review per refusal.

There are no fees for administrative Review.

File a fresh tier 4 student visa application

Administrative Review and Pre-action Protocol are primary options available to you if your Visa gets refused under Tier 4.

But the next best option available to you is to file a fresh application. You should strength your application and fill up all the gaps and loopholes which you had made in your earlier application.

If you have had your Tier 4 student visa refused or if you would like to file them and want to ensure that your application has the best chance for success then contact our UK Tier 4 student visa experts at The SmartMove2UK [a division of SmartMove Immigration].

Our UK visa experts provide advice and assistance to UK Visa Appeals and Refusals

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Any impact of Canada refusal study visa for five years to UK study visa master study

- General Question
The impact depends upon the reasons you were refused. However, you can still apply for your UK Visa and describe your refusal in the application.

How the UK appeal process for student visa work it takes 28 days to get answer so can I include Saturday and Sunday also or not?

- General Question
For an administrative review, it usually takes 28 calendar days (including Saturdays and Sundays). However, the processing times may extend should the Home Office requires to have a further check.


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