Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa route is closed. However Innovator, Start-up, Sole representative visa, Tier 1 Investor and Tier 2 route are still open.


The city of dreams…

The city where you can find anything you want if you know the right places to go. If you want the best street food, you go to Juhu Chowpatty, if you want luxury shopping, you go to Palladium, and if you want the best UK Entrepreneur Visa consultants in Mumbai (or in all of India), you come to The SmartMove2UK.

With the intense competition in the business scene of Mumbai, it becomes a necessity to be an exceptional individual with the right amount of luck and determination to become a successful businessperson in this city.

Many talented individuals with exquisite business plans have failed in this glorious city.

This does not mean you have to give up on your dream to become a big businessman in Mumbai living in one of the swanky sea facing bungalows in Bandra. All we are doing is offering you an alternative approach to your Mumbai business goals, by looking beyond Mumbai.

In this day and age, it is important to expand your horizons. Being a successful businessman is the same as being a global citizen. Thus the approach of taking advantage of a land far away that caters to the needs of successful business launches: The United Kingdom.

Quick overview of the plan for your Mumbai Business Goals:

  1. Approach UK Entrepreneur Visa consultants in Mumbai with your Business Plan
  2. Check your eligibility to apply for UK Tier 1 entrepreneur visa
  3. Move to the UK on a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa
  4. Establish your business and then apply for an extension to further you strengthen your business
  5. Establish a subsidiary of your UK business in Mumbai
  6. Bring in talent from Mumbai to the UK by applying for a Tier 2 sponsor licence
  7. Have a multinational corporation with offices in London and Mumbai within a few years of hard work

If all goes according to plan, you will have a business footing established in both a powerful economy (The UK) and your home country dream city: Mumbai.

Sounds dreamy? Convert your dreams to goals and your goals to plans. Follow this process with the guidance of professional UK Entrepreneur Visa consultants in Mumbai. The SmartMove2UK is a firm of such consultants with expertise in all matters of immigration law. Contact The SmartMove2UK for an initial consultation regarding your Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa today.

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