There have been seismic shifts taking place with the UK’s foreign policy and immigration law. The latest in a line of reforms is the announcement of a new system of application for settlement for EU nationals living in the country. The scheme will open for applications by March 2019 and the applicants will be granted a ‘settlement status’ after June 2021, also referred to as the UK EU settled status.

The last date to apply for settlement in the UK under this scheme will be on the 20th of June, 2021. A “settlement status” will allow the status holder to live and work in the UK for as long as they please.

This implies eligibility for the following public services:

  1. Healthcare and schools
  2. Public Funds and Pensions
  3. British Citizenship, if the requirements are met

EU Settled Status Requirements

In order to be eligible for a UK EU settled status, an applicant would be required to:

  • Be an EU citizen or a non-EU family member of an EU citizen
  • Have been living in the UK continuously for 5 years
  • Have started living in the UK before the 31st of December, 2020

What will you need to prove the above-mentioned requirements?

  1. Your Identity
  2. Proof of Residence in the UK

Fees for the UK EU Settled Status:

  • 65 Pounds if you are over the age of 16
  • 50 Pounds if you are under the age of 16

Post application:

Should your application be accepted, you will be able to get a document proving your status through an online service. The document will not be a physical form if you already have a biometric residence card.

What if your application is unsuccessful?

Despite the reforms, there are possibilities for applications to get rejected due to various unforeseen circumstances. If your application is rejected, you can reapply before the 30th of June, 2021. You may appeal against the rejection on valid grounds.

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