In a recent According to Theresa May, the UK appeal system is “like a never ending game of snakes and ladders with almost 70,000 appeals heard every year.” However, according to the Home Office’s immigration statistics the number of appeals in asylum cases has decreased since 2010. According to immigration statistics, in the year ending June 2014:

The HM Courts and Tribunals Service received 6,610 asylum appeals, which is a decrease of 2,144 (-24%) in comparison to the year 2013 (8,754);
• 69% of appeals were dismissed;
• Only 26% of appeals were allowed; and
• 6% of appeals were withdrawn.

The figures shown above are well below the peak in the number of appeals lodged in the UK. According to immigration statistics, in the year ending June 2010, 16,560 asylum appeals were lodged. Although, the number of asylum appeals have decreased since 2010 the figure of the number of appeals dismissed last year are worrying. Furthermore, there are no details as to whether these dismissals were justified.

Further Immigration statistics show in the year ending June 2014:
• 25% of resolved family-related visa applications were refused;
• The number of passengers refused entry at port rose by 6% to 16,886; and
• 8,795 Asylum applications were refused.

During the same period there were fewer deportations, but an increase in voluntary departures. According to the immigration statistics there were 12% fewer (-1,744) enforced removals from the UK. However there was a much larger, 3,940 increase (+12%) in total voluntary departures, to 37,216.

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