Britain has a problem it needs to acknowledge: The UK Visa. There simply aren’t enough British nationals to account for all the employment that has been created in the country. Why is this important? Well for starters, let’s talk about the obvious reason. There is a risk that there might not be enough workers to keep the nation running smoothly.

The risk is especially pronounced in health care. The National Health Service says that there are over a whopping 11,000 open nursing jobs in England, and another 6,000 vacant positions in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland combined. The overburdened system is described by the British Red Cross as facing a “humanitarian crisis.”

What’s worse is that the UK is planning tougher visa controls despite warnings that more foreign workers are needed to harvest the country’s crops, build homes for its citizens, and launch its next start-up.

The shortage of workers cuts across sectors, from agriculture to education, and across skill levels. There aren’t enough fruit-pickers and there aren’t enough doctors. Critics of migration say that increased immigration has changed the fabric of local communities, and undercut the wages of British workers. It is an argument that has currency with voters. Immigration was the most talked about issue for voters ahead of the Brexit referendum in June 2016, according to a poll conducted by Ipsos MORI.

“The government is putting politics above economics, which is quite a dangerous game,” claimed Heather Rolfe, a researcher at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. Labour economics pundits say that a decline in immigration would hurt the British economy. The Office for Budget Responsibility, the government’s fiscal tracker, said that 80,000 fewer immigrants a year would reduce annual economic growth by 0.2%.

“To lose these people would be pretty tough and it would mean that some sectors might find it very difficult to survive,” said Christian Dustmann, a professor of economics at The University College London.

Theresa May, who became Prime Minister in the wake of the EU referendum, has promised to bring the annual net migration lower than 100,000. The figure for the same was 248,000 in 2016. May says that Brexit will mean an end to the free movement. That is a big statement with far spread consequences, including the far-off land of India.

At The SmartMove2UK, we deal with clients seeking a UK visa for various reasons ranging from business to pleasure. In the last few months, we have had chats with several high profile residents in India who have had trouble with their UK visa applications. They are being refused for ‘silly’ reasons, which can cause major embarrassment for them in their respective circles.

These high profile Indian residents could play a major factor in the economic future of the UK and the government should take these warning signs seriously. With vast amounts of capital ready for investment and a particular fondness for London, these high society Indian citizens have views that matter. If they are under the impression that they are being targeted by the British government, they will start considering other countries.

The UK government needs to radically rethink its strategy going forward.

The UK has the potential to be at the center of the world of finance and trade once again, with the help of talented, capable and resourceful individuals from India and across the world. The war against economic despair is not lost yet, but it could be in the years to come.

As of today, the UK still promises a lot for people searching for an opportunity from across the world, in part due to the sheer optimism of the average urban citizens. Keeping with the zeal of these British citizens, we encourage people in India to consider educational and investment opportunities in the UK.

If you have any UK visa trouble or require any guidance whatsoever, feel free to give our team of experienced UK immigration lawyers a shout out. They will be happy to help, from start to finish.

We do not blame you for being concerned, but that’s what The SmartMove2UK is here to ensure that you can get through your visa applications hassle-free so you get the chance to explore the real UK; the UK beyond the politics.

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