So there has been an outrage in the last few days about the UK Government excluding Indian students from a list of countries offered easier UK Tier 4 Student visa norms. But is all this brouhaha worth the effort? Let’s figure it out by looking at a different view towards the UK student Visa for Indians issue.

The British government has mentioned “overstayers” while defending its stance on the move of excluding Indian students from the list of countries whose students will have more relaxed norms now if they aspire to study in the UK on a Tier 4 Student Visa. With the population size that India boasts of, it’s no surprise that countless Indian students choose to stay back in the UK after finishing their education from a British University, most likely to avoid the harsh life of uncertainty the Indian Job market.

This makes perfect sense both ways. Indian students wanting to stay back in the UK are justified on humanitarian grounds while the British government not relaxing visa norms for Indian students is justified on nationalistic grounds. And such is the way of life; where there is no easy answer to anything. It’s easy for us to blame the UK government, just as it is easy for the UK government to blame Indian students.

There is a way out of this tangle of blames, however, if you only pay attention. We must pay attention to the fact that while the Tier 4 norms have been relaxed for some other countries, the norms for Indian students has not been made harsher in any way. The rules are still the same as they have always been. There is still an 86% likelihood that an Indian student applying for a UK student visa will have his/her visa granted, which means that there is no dire need for relaxed UK student visa rules for Indians.

So why should the Indian population be concerned that Chinese students applying for a UK student visa have more relaxed laws compared to Indian students? That matter is between the UK and China, or the UK and all the other countries included in the list of countries for relaxed Visa laws.

Maybe we could bring this concern up again if the student visa acceptance rates for Indian students start dropping from the stellar 86% that exists today. But as of now, complaining about not being included in the list of countries offered easier UK student visa norms, is a bit like complaining about not being invited to your colleague’s birthday party: irrelevant, and a little pathetic.

If your application holds genuine merit, which would be the case if you are genuinely looking to gain a quality education in the UK and hold no malicious plans, then you shouldn’t be facing any trouble in getting a student visa to the UK. Of course, the applicants must ensure that their applications are complete with all the requirements given the nature of their case scenario.

Our immigration attorneys at The SmartMove2UK do not foresee any dip in our success rates under the UK Student Visa for Indians in light of Indian students being excluded from the list of countries offered easier UK student visa norms. We are confident that if you approach your UK education goals with the right attitude and guidance, the chances of your Tier 4 student visa being rejected would be minimal.

If you want to ensure that your application is crafted with the highest merit, leaving nothing out, we recommend booking an appointment for an initial consultation with our immigration attorneys, who have extensive experience in all matters of UK immigration visas and laws. We have handled numerous cases dealing with UK student Visas for Indians.

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