Initial feedback from the business bodies representing small and medium businesses on the Home Office changes to the Tier 2 programs reveal that the changes are likely to adversely impact small and medium businesses. The reforms to the UK Tier 2 visa for skilled immigration were announced by the government, following a review by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).

Among the several changes that have been announced is the increase in the minimum salary threshold for Tier 2 visas that has been increased to £30,000 for ‘experienced’ workers, but will be introduced gradually – rising from £25,000 in autumn 2016 to £30,000 in April 2017.The minimum threshold for new entrants will remain at £20,800.

In a move that is aimed at reducing reliance on foreign skills and developing homegrown talent Tier 2 employers will face an immigrant skills charge of £1,000 per Certificate of Sponsorship per year, which will be at £ 364 for small businesses.

An analysis of ONS figures for August 2015 reveals that UK’s tech skills gap has reached 134,000 unfilled jobs.

In 2015, organisations such as Coadec, a non-profit trade body for start-ups, had expressed concern over how the revised policies might affect start-ups in the UK, with restricted access to skilled non-EU migrants potentially limiting their available talent pool and stifling overall growth.

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