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2021 heralds a time for new beginning after the challenges of 2020.

As UK initiates its decoupling from the European Union (EU), businesses in UK must prepare for more changes.

Effective from 1 January 2021, businesses will be faced with several significant immigration changes especially if they are employing workers from the European Union:

  • All EU nationals entering the UK for work will be subject to immigration control and will require a skilled worker visa (this replaces the Tier 2 General visa) under the new points-based system.
  • Employers must be on Tier 2 Sponsor Licence register to recruit and employ anyone from outside the UK (including EU citizens).

During this time of global mobility the competition for talent can be high – employers on the Home Office Tier 2 Sponsor Register are able to reinforce their credentials as global enterprises to attract new talent.

When the Home Office announced the new work permit regime there was an increase in number of employers considering registering for Tier 2 Sponsorship, at The SmartMoveUK we anticipate that as employers meet with ground realities in the New Year this is likely to go up.

If you are a UK employer and are considering employing workers from outside the UK (including the EU) you will be required to have a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence, call our Immigration Experts today to ensure that your recruitment needs are not affected.

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