Most of the UK Visa news updates over the past few weeks have been painful. There have been thousands of stories revolving around the UK Home office delays in recent times. Many of them heart-breaking to hear. Take this one for instance.

According to a UK Visa news story in August, a woman from Germany held up by a visa complication recently landed in Britain to say goodbye to her terminally ill husband, only to learn he had died ninety minutes earlier.

Luchy Lopez-Hammann, 52 years old, of Hamburg, arrived in Glasgow just an hour and a half after her husband Andreas Hammann, 59, died at Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride, UK. Mr. Hammann, who was in Scotland with his son John, ten, to attend his nephew Kevin Mclaughlin’s wedding last week suffered a fatal heart attack on the 9th of August, 2018. While it has been more than 2 months since the tragedy took place, we believe it’s important to spread these incidents to make people aware of the consequences of having a too much red tape in the UK immigration procedures.

Home Office bureaucracy stopped Mrs. Lopez-Hammann from entering the UK after he was taken ill. Mrs. Lopez-Hammann has a Peruvian passport and has lived in Germany for 13 years. She faced delays in obtaining a visa to reach the UK before her husband’s life support was turned off.

The family called the situation ‘ridiculous’.

Mr. Hamman, who is a German as well, faced complications after suffering a heart attack before his kidneys failed and he died at 2 pm on Saturday, 9th of August. Mr. McLaughin, 26, from Ayr, told local media that Mrs. Lopez-Hammann had been forced to travel to Berlin for an interview to obtain a visa and had to pay 500 Euros for the same. While she was eventually granted a visa waiver to travel to Scotland, McLaughlin later confirmed that this decision had come too late.

‘His wife didn’t make it in time to see him, she was hour and a half away,’ said Mr. McLaughlin whose mother Marina is the sister of Mr. Haammann.

Mr. McLaughin added, ‘We are really angry, annoyed and upset. My mum is managing to put on a brave face but is raging things have taken so long. They could have sorted this out a lot sooner, I can’t imagine what John is thinking or what he is going through at that age.’

Mrs. Lopez-Hammann only found out her husband had died when she was met at the airport by a good friend of her husband, Willie Drummond. Mr. Drummond told the local media, ‘This is an absolute scandal and was completely avoidable.’ ‘…what they did was absolutely unforgivable. We are really angry, annoyed and upset.’

A Home Office spokesman has since said, ‘In light of the exceptional compassionate circumstances of this case, we issued Mrs. Lopez-Hammann with a visa waiver to allow her to travel to the UK as soon as we were able.

Our UK Solicitors at The Smart Move 2 UK believe that it is of high importance to make sure these kinds of stories reach the ears of the people. The UK is a great country, but like so many great countries, have fallen victim to some severe red tape in its immigration laws and visa procedures.

We encourage anyone in similarly difficult situations with respect to UK Immigration and visa applications, to approach our consultants for guidance, assistance, and most importantly, valuable information.

If you have heard of other such incidents and wish to share it with people because it would serve value, then please contact our organization with your story and we will be eager to spread the word.

Image courtesy: Daily Record

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