How to avoid and overcome on UK Visa Refusal says “does not have strong socio-economic ties to her country of origin”

Well simply put this means that the Entry Clearance Officer doesn’t believe that you have enough to return to India for.

This is generally seen when the applicant does not have a job, or owns any property in India. Quite simply the Entry Clearance officer weighs the evidence that is provided (see How to Get a UK Visitor’s Visa for Indians) and finds that the applicant is a potential flight risk.

This can be frustrating for genuine applicants who have just completed college and are single with no assets owned and who just want to visit the UK for a holiday, in such a situation the applicant needs to provide evidence if they are living with their parents or if its feasible to get their names added to the property documents as a co-owner. However it is advisable to get professional advise before making any substantial changes to the property ownership etc.

If investments in Fixed Deposit or mutual funds are made just before the application then some explanation needs to be given about the source of the same.

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