Planning a last minute holiday? The last thing you need is a delay. And the most common form of delay to a trip to the UK is getting a refusal for your Visa. UK Visitor Visa consultants in Mumbai would normally recommend you, anyone, to approach professional UK visa consultants first before going ahead with your application. However, there is no point in crying over spilled milk. Meaning that if you have already applied for a visa on your own and have ended up with a UK visitor visa refusal, then do not worry about it. Our UK visitor visa consultants in Mumbai at The SmartMove2UK are proud to have successfully helped numerous applicants who faced a refusal on their application.

When it comes to UK Visas in general, there are various ways to get over this problem, including applying for an appeal, or a Judicial review or an Administrative Review, depending on the reasons for refusal and other circumstances. The visa refusal letter will list the reasons why your UK visa was rejected.

However, when it comes to the UK Visitor Visa, the applicant does not have the right to a Judicial OR an Administrative Review. The applicant may still make an appeal to the Home Office in order to reconsider their decision.

A UK visa rejection need not affect your future UK visa applications if the visa rejection reasons are addressed. Among all categories of UK visa refusals, the tourist visa applications see a higher visa rejection rate. So do not panic. (Read our blog Increasing visa refusals make a case for professional expertise )


The grounds of appeal are filed before the relevant authority countering the reasons for refusals and providing rebuttals on the same. Drafting the grounds of appeal in an organized way can help the applicant to get a favorable outcome on their appeal.

As per Civil Procedure Rules, the applicant must send a Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) notice=to the Home Office (UKVI), which gives them at least 14 days to review their decision and change their decision considering the information/documentary evidence given through the Pre-Action Protocol letter. The main aim of the PAP is to avoid unnecessary litigation.

It is possible that because of the Pre-Action Protocol letter, the Home Office (UKVI) may change their decision to refuse the application and grant the visa. Such an application is made on papers, meaning that the court will refuse or grant permission on papers without a court hearing.

At The SmartMove2UK, our UK visitor visa consultants in Mumbai have helped numerous individuals successfully file for appeals, Administrative Reviews as well as Judicial Reviews against refusals received for their entry clearance applications, including for Entry clearance on a visit visa. If you would like to ascertain your eligibility for filing an appeal or a review, you can contact our UK qualified Solicitors for advice and assistance on UK visitor visa refusals

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