Visas are very common and the application process is simple. People often apply for UK Visit Visas for a vacation with their family or friends. Though it is in the simplest visa application, people often get refused due to several reasons which they overlook. Let us discuss some real life visa rejection reasons:

  1. Mr. Ajit is a retired businessman. He and his wife had a restaurant business for 10 years. They have traveled to many places across the globe. Their goal was to travel and see the world together. One fine day they thought of planning a trip to the UK. They were excited to go to the UK. They applied for the UK Visit Visa. They were waiting for their Visa result. One fine day they received the courier from VFS and it was regarding the Visa Application. In no time they opened the pack to check the result. But unfortunately, they were refused. The excitement vanished. They were upset about the refusal of UK visa. The visa rejection reason was that the Bank Statement of Mr. Ajit had huge cash deposits, which Mr. Ajit explained nicely in his cover letter. The large deposits were due to their restaurant business, which runs on a cash basis. The ECO overlooked the explanation of the deposits and refused the application.
  2. In another case, Mr. Sachin is an Employee and is working as a Sales Manager. He is married to Mrs. Anjali 3 years ago and has a child. He wanted to have a short visit to the UK, so he applied for the UK Visit Visa. After few days a decision on his application was made. The result received was unfortunately not so good; his UK Visit Visa was refused. The reason for refusal was that Mr. Sachin didn’t submit any evidence of his family ties in India. UK Immigration Rules suggest that the person visiting the UK for visit must return to his home country and for this, he needs to submit some proof that he will return back to his home country. Mr. Sachin failed to submit the proof; hence he was refused UK Visa.
  3. In this case, Ms. Kavita is an Employee and is working as a Business development executive. She wanted to visit her cousin who is settled in the UK with his family. She planned the entire trip and submitted the application. She was excited about the decision to come. Her excitement vanished when she saw that her application was refused. After finding out the visa rejection reason she felt very upset. The reason for refusal was that on the application form she mentioned that she will be staying with her cousin and on the other hand she submitted documents of hotel bookings for her stay in the UK. The Entry Clearance Officer refused her visa application due to this confusion created by her. The application should be filed with utmost care and attention. You must file all the documents without any confusion or doubt in mind.

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