Introduction: UK Visit Visa Refusals

Getting away from UK Visit Visa Refusals has always been cumbersome due to the Entry Clearance Officer refusing almost a majority of the Visit Visa applicants for the most trivial reasons. Last year about 260,000 UK Visit Visas were refused.

The UK Government has set a thorough set of guidelines to facilitate the entry of applicants who wish to visit the UK in a short term basis under UK Visit Visa such as:

  • Sufficient evidence that the applicant will return back to his home country
  • Sufficient bank balance so that he can facilitate his return back to his home country
  • Any other evidence that the Home Office might seem to question about.

The scope of evidence is quite ambiguous when it comes to applying for a UK Visit visa. The applicant under the guise of being ill-informed with regards to the proper evidence that has to be provided in front of the Home Office is most likely to be refused as the Home Office themselves are already burdened with the tiresome amount of application.

Statistical Review of UK Visit Visa Refusal