What is the sponsorship and salary requirement for a skilled worker visa?

Published on: 13th March 2021
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A new route for entering the UK is the Skilled Worker Visa, requiring a new set of rules and requirements to apply for the same. SmartMove2UK tries to list the general and important details that people need to be acquainted with while applying to the UK Skilled Worker Visa. The UK Immigration Rules identify and enlist the specific requirements and criteria to be met under the Appendix Skilled Worker. The route is established to help people to be recruited to work in a specific job with an employer in the UK.

The basic requirement is to present a job offer letter to an eligible company or occupation by an approved sponsor from the Home Office. The Skilled Worker Visa is a way to settle in the UK given certain conditions are met. A partner and children are dependent on the worker who obtains the Visa is allowed. Apart from meeting basic validity requirements for a skilled worker, and various sustainability clauses, one has to obtain entry clearance as a Skilled Worker before settling in the UK. Following the same one has to qualify based on a points based immigration system where a particular individual and his application would be evaluated for certain points regarding sponsorship and salary.

Out of 50 mandatory points in the point evaluation section, 20 points are rewarded based on sponsorship, 20 for the job at an appropriate level of skill, and 10 points for intermediate knowledge and skills in the English language. Some tradable points are also mentioned like salary, education level, a new entrant to a job or some shortage occupation, etc. mentioned in the list. SmartMove2UK has put forward a basic list to explain the same.

Salary requirement points for UK Skilled Worker Visa

The salary of the applicant equals or exceeds both

  • £25,600 per year; and
  • the ongoing rate for the occupation code.

It has to be noted for several special cases the salary requirements are slightly different and SmartMove2UK shall mention that those details are panned out in meticulous detail in the Immigration Appendix of the UK.

Sponsorship points (mandatory)

A valid certificate is required for the job that one plans to pursue in the UK, some details that are necessary are

  • The applicant’s name, job offer letter, details of the job, salary, and proof of being hired along with tax and income details.
  • In other entry clearance cases, Home Officer must verify and sponsor the job and salary details.
  • Within 3 months of the application date, the date of joining should be mentioned and a starting date should thus be included.
  • Should not have a job which has been refused or granted, even considered previously except in cases of being declared withdrawn, void, or being invalid earlier.
  • The Home Office should not have canceled or rejected the job offer.
  • The job has to verify in case it is not a sham or based on faulty grounds, or there is no straight record for the existence of employed status of the applicant with the particular job.

A Home Officer’s verification and approval are needed for a job that can help apply to the Skilled Worker Visa. The sponsor also has to be listed as A1 by the Home Office, in case the person has not been already approved. Any Immigration Skills Charge must be paid to obtain the Visa while applying. SmartMove2UK tries to be the stop to bring forth the important details of the UK settlement processes with the help of its experts in the same field.

Further mandatory points have been given detailed focus in the Appendix mentioned above. Regarding the job and its validity as a skilled job with various eligibility requirements being met full-fledged. Either one of the three criteria has to be finalized for those 20 points of the evaluation. For the rest of the tradable points also, limits to salary requirements are mentioned which have to be fulfilled and are mentioned in detail in the Appendix. Either one of these will be chosen as per the applicant and their details.

Salary considerations also require a list of other specifications mentioned below

Salary includes the standard basic gross pay only without tax deductions or other benefits.

  • For workers required to work more than 48 hours, only the initial 48-hour pay will be considered.
  • Going rates will be decided based on the applicant’s pattern of working at the job.

For a person who has previously been approved as a UK Tier 2 (General) Migrant, some special transitional arrangements also apply. In this case, special allowances can be made.

After verifying and settling for all these personal requirements as a skilled worker, the Immigration Office can grant a settlement visa to the applicant. In other cases, the person will be refused. One will have to apply for a review in this case if they want. The minimum salary thresholds have been reduced. SmartMove2UK – UK Immigration Law firm aims at a clearer and better informed decision analysis for the interested people.

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