When it comes to UK Visas and Immigration, a lot of variables are at play for every single visa application. Be sure to have a look at The SmartMove2UK’s (a unit of SmartMove Immigration) guide on Visit Visas so that you are on the right track on your visit visa application. However, if you have applied for a UK Visit Visa, and have faced a refusal on your application, the next thing you need to know is undoubtedly what to do if UK Visit Visa is refused already.

With visa refusals, there is no point re-applying unless you are able to change the part of your application (or its supporting documents) that got you refused in the first place, or else you will face the same result.

However, it is entirely possible that you can be successful when re-applying if you give the Immigration Officers what they want.

Precaution is better than cure

UK visit visa refused? Make sure it follows the following pointers when you reapply

Be consistent in your purpose for the trip.

You can’t say you wish to visit your son when you will only be spending a few hours with them. Whether or not he visits you later in India is completely irrelevant. If you are going to visit your son, make sure you are visiting him for a significant portion of your trip, otherwise do not mention it as your main reason.

I've done UKVI TB test and the validity it only till 23 June 2021 but my visa application is pending so should I again get it done

- Question asked in a forum
Yes, you should get your TB Test done again as you would need the valid TB Test certificate while submitting the documents.

Write and submit a travel itinerary.

It does not have to be super specific, just what you plan to do each day.

Detailed financial sponsorship information.

(If someone is sponsoring you) In addition to the bank statements, you could mention that you have been eager to visit the UK for quite some time, and that since your sponsor supports you financially and wants you to enjoy yourself, they will be providing you with X amount of money that they have been saving for a while for this purpose (perhaps have your sponsor mention that paying for your trip is their way of giving back to you for all the support you gave them in their lifetime).

Being refused a visa is frustrating and upsetting, but you must understand that there are clear and defined things you can change to improve your next application, which can be successful. While we have dealt with certain specifications of avoiding a VISit visa refusal in future, it’s important to know the appeal procedures an applicant has the right to follow should the application for any other kind of UK Visa be refused. Refer to the SmartMove2UK’s guidance on UK visa appeals the same.

How can we obtain a visa rejection letter from UKVI?

- Question aked in a forum
UKVI generally provides the rejection letter on email-id used in the application form or for correspondence.

Make your next move a Smart Move

Keep in mind, the refusal letter does say that any future applications you make will be considered on their individual merits, however based on our experience as immigration lawyers in the UK visas and immigration industry for more than a decade, we are fairly certain that there is a possibility that previous applications made will be looked at to see if the applicant is changing their application falsely simply to get a visa

Also remember, even if you change everything to what you believe is perfect, it is entirely possible that you will get refused again for different reasons entirely. It is completely up to you to decide whether it is worth the effort and money to make another application.

If you would like professional advice, please contact a solicitor with experience. It will prevent bad immigration history and personal stress and grief. For The SmartMove2UK’s assistance on any of your future UK visit plans, whatever be the reasons, fill in the form on your side and one of our associates will be in touch with you very shortly.

Our immigration attorneys have helped numerous clients from across the world achieve their UK immigration ambitions and are keen on assisting many more in the future. If you would like any other UK immigration-related information or additional information on what do if UK Visit Visa is refused, drop in your email below and access the latest updates on British Immigration delivered straight to your inbox.

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