What will happen after 29th March 2019? Well nothing will actually change, the UK and EU will enter a transition period which last until the end of 2020. EU citizens entering the UK and UK citizens entering the EU can still come and go as they do now, but from January 2021, under Theresa May’s proposed immigration regime, the EU citizens will no longer have preferential access.

During this transition period, there will be various stages of Brexit negotiations. What do the British youth expect from these talks? The snapshot below should give you an idea:

What do the British youth expect from Brexit negotiations talks.

2018 Nov – Brexit Immigration Rules Effect:

The intention is to attract the highly skilled workers from across the globe which can be beneficial for the UK economy and to cut the number of low skilled migrants.

“It will be a skills-based system where it is workers’ skills that matter, not where they come from. It will be a system that looks across the globe and attracts the people with the skills we need,” she said.

So how will people prove that they are highly skilled? Apparently people arriving after the transition period will have to meet a minimum salary threshold. As of now highly skilled non-EU migrants have to earn more than £ 30,000 per annum to work in the EU. That’s a threshold that 76% of EU workers living in the UK would currently fail to meet. The government currently caps the number of skilled workers visas issued each year to workers from outside of the EU, but it’s unclear whether the restriction will continue. Successful applicants for high skilled work would be able to bring their immediate family member, but only if sponsored by their future employers.

Indians may benefit from the new rules, which will focus on highly-skilled migration as opposed to low-skilled workers, but an added obligation on companies being required to sponsor families of such high-skilled professionals may prove a hurdle in the long term.

“When we leave (the EU) we will bring in a new immigration system that ends freedom of movement once and for all. For the first time in decades, it will be this country that controls and chooses who we want to come here,” May said in a statement.

The system will not affect the 3 million citizens from EU countries already living and working in the UK.

Cap on student visas will not be included in the new system unlike work visas, as student visas are granted on the basis of the academic ability, ability to speak English and the ability of the students to support them financially.

There are also plans to introduce in-country security checks to be carried out to make operations faster at passport control at the borders, a similar system of prior authorisation currently operated by the US.

This new “swift system of e-gate visa checks” for visitors coming into the UK on short-stay tourist or business trips will be limited to “low risk countries”, which is unlikely to include India.

The first thing that countries have to export is their people which apparently apply on India and China as well. Therefore any Post-Brexit trade deal with them will involve hard bargaining about liberalising immigration rules for the people who want to enter the UK.

The SmartMove2UK takes on Brexit:

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