Everyone’s wondering the same thing when it comes to spouse visas, or visas in general. Why are these countries doing this to us? If we are honestly in love with a person and want to live with them in their country of residence, we should be allowed to right? Well yes, but there’s more to the issue than just that question. Should the honest people be allowed free movement? Of course they should! But here’s the tricky part: who are the honest ones and who are not?

It is the responsibility of all the government agencies of a nation to look out for the well-being of it’s current citizens before anyone else. The structure exists so that each country has an achievable goal: make sure nothing too bad happens to my own citizens. In a Utopian world, if every country (in fact every group of individuals) looked out for their own people’s best interests, it would only figure that the world becomes a better place to live in, as opposed to every country looking out for the benefits of the citizens of every country of the world.

That being said, how is making it more difficult for other citizens to enter your country to live with their loved ones going to benefit your own citizens? Well the purpose of extended procedures and requirements in order to achieve spouse visas or citizenships are not to make things difficult for anyone, but they exists only to prevent any form of malpractices that might occur leading to a drop in the standard of living of the host country. What are examples of such situations?
Here are a few:

  1. A lot of people plan to move into a country with better resources in order to use them to manipulate the law, cheat people, and profit for themselves (smugglers and terrorists)
  2. Spouse visas in particular are a good cover for people trying to sneak into a country without arousing any suspicions.
  3. If anyone and everyone walks into a country and starts living there, the resources that country offers is not going to be enough to sustain the standard of living of the nation.
  4. The higher the population of a country, the higher the chances of unemployment and hence disparity and crime.

So if you’re looking to move to the country of your spouse, remember that country is going to be your country soon and you need to be careful of maintaining it as a good place to stay. How do you live up to that responsibility? Follow the procedures, do what is being asked of you, and steer yourself into the country of your dreams with the person of your dreams.

But just because you have to follow a few procedures, does not mean you can’t make these procedures and steps a little less tedious for yourself. That is exactly where our firm steps in. Help us help you in your endeavor to get through the steps in the simplest and most effective manner. Our immigration law firm provides just the kind of consultations and tools required for you to follow the immigration steps smoothly and be on your way!
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