Former UK Foreign Secretary, and a man widely regarded as one of the original advocates for the UK departing from the European Union, Boris Johnson attended the India Today conclave in New Delhi last week. He made a riveting speech about India, Pakistan, Modi, as well as the Brexit Impact on India.

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On Saturday, the 2nd of March, British MP Boris Johnson was all praise for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The speech given by Johnson at the India Today Conclave in New Delhi was an effective piece of communication in terms of setting an optimistic theme to India-UK relationships post-Brexit. He recalled a rally Prime Minister Modi had held at Wembley Stadium UK by describing him as a “firecracker” and a “political phenomenon”.

The event comes in close proximity to what can be described as heart-wrenching times for the Indian populace, with widespread concern and pain over violence in Kashmir. Johnson said that his fellow Britons were outraged by the attack in Pulwama. He also made an appeal to nations to understand the situation in Pakistan in order to support its civilian government against its deep state military elements.

Questions were also raised by the Indian media regarding the possibility of another referendum, to which Johnson replied that another referendum regarding the UK’s fate in the EU was “not possible”.

Whatever be the case, Boris’s visit comes as a positive start to the UK’s relations with India, which might prove to be crucial for both countries in the near future.

Brexit and EEA immigration

The EEA is the geographical region within Europe that allows free movement between the nations, for its residents. Therefore, EEA routes like the EEA Family permit will be the ones to be most affected by the ways in which Brexit plays out.

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