We are delighted to reveal the secrets of the Immigration Experts at Smart Move 2 UK to help you make your visit visa application like a professional.

UK visa experts at Smart Move 2 UK have combined experience of almost 20 years in the field of UK Immigration. Here they share some of their top tips:
1) Be clear about the purpose of your visit – do you want to visit your friend, relative, for a holiday or to study
2) Be specific about the duration of your visit – it does not help your case if you are not sure about the time you want to spend in the UK
3) Clarify how you will be supporting yourself for the trip and have you made arrangements for the same
4) Check the application for the details that you have entered BEFORE submitting the application
5) Re-check the application – be very thorough about the application that you are submitting, as once the application is submitted you cannot make any changes and you will have to re-start the whole application.

UK Immigration retains details of the applicants on their records and the applicants are required to mention details of all travels and refusals in the last 10 years. Failure to provide such information can result in applicants being refused visas and even be given country bans for 10 years under paragraph V3.7 (a) and (b) of Appendix V for breaching UK Immigration Laws for using deception or making false representations to secure UK Visas.

If you are unsure about making an application or need help for UK visa application – for any category. Contact our experts at info@smartmove2uk.com or call +91 98191 27002 to book an appointment for a consultation.

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