Raj (22 years) met Adele (21 years) when they working on a cruise liner together. Their love for sailing and similar outlook on life meant that they hit it off instantly. Serving aboard liners for a couple of years the young couple decided to get married in a lovely ceremony in Bahamas. However when Adele now 23 years old a UK citizen decided to settle down and start a family, she learnt that she could not bring her non EU national spouse to the UK unless she was earning an income of £ 18,600 p.a. so they had live apart and what was more surprising to her was that her savings of £ 16,000 and even Raj’s savings of £ 12,000 would be inadequate. This was even more shocking to her as none of her friends in that age group had managed to save even half that amount while living in the UK.

She learnt that the Home Office rules require that if the sponsor does not meet the income threshold then they need to demonstrate savings of £ 62,500.

Interestingly the threshold is the highest in the world except for Norway, a country that has a far higher minimum wage than United Kingdom.

If you are in a long term relationship with a British partner or are married or a same sex partner of a British citizen or person settled in the UK and you would like to evaluate the options to enable your non EU partner/spouse to join you in the UK, book an appointment with our Immigration experts for an objective assessment of the same. Call on +91 98191 27002 or email info@smartmove2uk.com to book your consultation in person, over the telephone or Skype.

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