With UK’s Adult Dependents Relative Visa proving to be the proverbial mirage for most applicants, there is an increasing trend of applicant’s choosing to apply for multi entry visit visas for longer duration.

The multi entry visas allows the parent or the grandparent to visit the UK at regular intervals with maximum permitted stays of up to 6 months. However the applicants need to prove that they are not making UK their permanent home either through longer stays or frequent visits to the UK. They also need to demonstrate strong ties to their home country.

In several cases we see applicants have initially made an application as Adult Dependant Relative and when it has been refused they seek advise on applying for long term visit visa options. In almost all cases the unsuccessful outcome on the previous visa application stacks the odds against the applicant in their visit visa applications. This mainly happens as the primary condition of a visit visa is for the applicant to convince the entry clearance officer that the applicant does not intend to remain in the UK beyond the validity their visit visa and will return to their home country. A previous unsuccessful application does undermine the credibility of the applicant’s intentions unless they can prove that their circumstances have changed significantly from the time when they made the previous application.

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