The UK Innovator Visa is a new option replacing the previous Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa that applicants had to opt for, if they have intentions of setting up a business in the UK. Our associates at SmartMove2UK (a unit of SmartMove Immigration) have been working overtime to ensure that as many people are aware about this new route as possible. One of the key aspects of applying under this visa category is to ensure that you are endorsed by one of the bodies in the list of Innovator Visa UK endorsing bodies.

If you are endorsed by one of the official bodies in the UK, the rest of the procedure becomes fairly straightforward, albeit potentially tedious and time consuming. This is because the main aspect of being granted an Innovator Visa to the UK is the applicant’s ability to prove that they have a business plan that is viable, scalable, and of course innovative.

The details of what these terms stand for may be understood in detail with the help of our experts in SmartMove Immigration’s on going initiative – “Innovator and Startup Visa Roadshow 2019”.

For more details on this initiative, what you stand to gain from attending, and information on the expert providing you with said information on business expansions to the UK, just drop in your email below and one of our associates will send you all the relevant information about the events straight to your inbox.

However, to start off with your Innovator Visa U research, it is imperative that you go through the list of Innovator Visa U endorsing bodies to ensure that your application is being endorsed by an authorized UK endorsing body. The Home Office has put together a list to help with this process. If the organization promising you an endorsement for the Uk Visa is NOT included in this list, you must reconsider your options. For more information on such cases, feel free to send in your query in an email to or One of our associates will get in touch with you very shortly with the precise answers to your doubts and concerns.

For now, if you would like to access the list of UK innovator Visa government approved endorsing bodies, drop in your email below and we shall send you the entire list, along with details on how you can start going about your business expansion process to the UK.

If you have any other innovator visa queries regarding United Kingdom or business, tourist, or family visas, our attorneys at SmartMove2UK (a unit of SmartMove Immigration) will be able to guide you comprehensively for the same.

Upcoming events on the Innovator Visa and Startup Visa Roadshow

Date Venue
9th May Hyatt Mumbai
16th May Marriot Delhi
23rd May Hyatt/Marriott Bengaluru
30th May Hyatt Ahmedabad
13th June Hyatt/Marriott Hyderabad

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