Our attorneys at The SmartMove2UK (a unit of SmartMove Immigration), who have had more than a decade of experience in sending more than 2000 individuals to the UK, have put down an Innovator Visa UK guidance 2020 – describing the process of applying for this newly launched visa that has replaced the traditional Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa for businesses.

Innovator Visa UK guidance 2020 comprehensively laid out in the 5 steps:

Step 1 – Business Proposal:

For an applicant to be granted an innovator visa, they must be able to prove that their business plan that is innovative, viable, and scalable; must have evidence of structured planning potential for job growth into national and international markets.

Step 2 – Investment Funds:

An applicant for an innovator Visa must be able to provide evidence of access to GBP 50000 for investment in the business. They can also evidence instead that they have already invested the said amount in the business.

Note: Unlike the now obsolete Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa category route the innovator Visa does not allow two individuals applying for the Innovator visa for the same business. To share the investment funds.

Step 3 – Endorsement:

An applicant must have an endorsement letter from a UK approved endorsement body to turn in with their application.

Step 4 – Credibility:

The evidence provided by applicant must be able to convince the Home Office that they are genuine, do not intend to breach immigration law, and any money that they are evidencing is available for the purposes described in their Innovator Visa application.

Note: An innovator Visa applicant might be invited for a credibility interview.

Step 5 – Ensuring the basics:

The applicants must be at least 18 years of age; be able to speak English to a Level B2 CEFR and prove that they have held at least GBP 945 with them legally for a consecutive period of at least 90 days.

For more Innovator Visa UK guidance 2020, SmartMove Immigration, a UK immigration legal consultancy that boasts of a ZERO percent technical refusals in its 12 years of experience, is initiating a chain of High Tea events catering to the Innovator Visa:

The SmartMove Immigration ‘Roadshow’

In our continuing efforts to reach out to a wider audience and inform them of the various immigration options for the SmartMove Team has kick-started an outreach initiative to spread awareness about the various legal immigration options; encouraging people to take that most difficult step; to begin.

To know more about the initiative, what you could gain from it, and who is going to provide the information, just fill out your email and we shall send you all the details right to your inbox.

If there is small possibility that this event might be of interest of you, then you can either Call: +91 8657 516 866 or email: corporate@smi.legal. You could also fill out the form to the side and we shall arrange for a call back from one of our UK Innovator Visa experts.

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