In a move designed to benefit the UK and affect thousands of applicants, the UK has announced changes to UK visa fee which is an increase in the visa fees from 18 March 2016 on wards.

Tier 4 student visas and Tier 2 work visas  will see an increase of about 2%, as will the visit visa fees.

The most affected would be settlement, residence and nationality applicants with a 25% increase in the fees as these are designed by the Home office to be ‘the most beneficial to successful applicants.’ The fees for the optional premium services offered by the Home Office, including super-premium service and priority visa services overseas will be raised by up to 33%, while family and spouse visas will now cost £1,195. If your are considering bringing your parents or grandparent to the UK as a Adult Dependant Relative the fee for the same would be £2,676.

All the fees paid in the above categories are non refundable

In addition fees for naturalisation applications which normally follow Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), leading to UK citizenship, will rise to £1,236, and a new £25 surcharge will also be applied for invalid applications. Under the present process any fees paid for an invalid application are refunded.

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