UK Innovator Visa Endorsing bodies enhance and empower your business as the number one alluring business visa alternative.
The first step to applying for a UK Innovator visa is to get your innovative business plan endorsed (backed) by an endorsing body from the list of 26 such bodies authorised by the Home Office.

The exhaustive list can be found here.

UK Innovator Visa Endorsing bodies are UK based organisations having a track record of supporting UK entrepreneurs and resident workers and have been supported to become such bodies by the UK or devolved Government department(s).

Each endorsing body has its industry preferences i.e. they are looking for innovation in a particular industry or a set of industries and have chosen to endorse businesses specific to those industries.

Three main parameters in UK Innovator Visa 2020 requirements are:


The uniqueness and authenticity of the idea behind the business plan and its capacity for competitive advantage (something that is not already in operation in the UK)


How this unique idea may be translated into a practicable business model to facilitate revenue generation (founder’s business experience, skills, market knowledge etc.)


The potential of the said business model to expand and grow, thereby positively contributing towards the UK economy (job generation, turnover etc)

Once an endorsing body is satisfied that your business plan meets the above parameters, they agree to support (endorse) your business to be set-up in the UK and also help it grow in the UK market. An endorsement so received is valid for 3 months, within which time the founder (Innovator) may apply for a visa under the UK Innovator category.

Endorsing bodies have to keep in contact with their endorsees (business founders) at regular intervals of 6, 12 and 24 months to monitor their progress. Endorsing bodies may also fund the endorsee for the entire amount of £50,000 investment funds or a part of it.

An extension of leave to remain in the UK under the Innovator category requires an endorsement from either the same endorsing body or a different endorsing body for the same business plan. The same applies for an application for settlement under this category.

For a more detailed understanding of the inner workings of ‘Endorsing bodies’ please feel free to contact us UK innovator visa consultants in India. If you wish to apply for an Innovator visa and are looking for professional assistance, fill out your details on the form and one of our immigration experts will get back to you at the earliest or call us!

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