What is it?

Passport Pass back service

UK Home Office’s Keep my passport (previously known as Passport Pass back service) when applying service allows applicants to apply for a UK visa and retain their passport whilst UK Visas and Immigration considers the visa application.

Who is it for?

This service is ideal for those needing to apply for a visa to another country or those needing to travel while their UK visa is under process.

How does it work?

Applicants are required to include a photocopy of every page of their passport to avail this service. It is important to note that applicants will need to make arrangements to visit the visa application centre or courier their passport to the Visa Application Centre as soon as you have been contacted by the British High Commission (normally when your decision has been taken)

Who can avail this facility?

This service is open to applicants who wish to apply in any visa category.

However, there are exceptions when an applicant may not be eligible for this service which are as follows :

  • Applicants who qualify and pay supplementary fees for Super Priority Visa (SPV), Priority Visa (PV) or Business Express Programme (BEP).

How does one apply?

Applicants are required to complete an online application form and book an appointment at the Visa Application Centre (VAC). If the applicant wishes to pay for this service, they can notify the VAC staff on arrival or pay online at VFS payment gateway prior to arriving at the VAC.

Applicants can choose to use the photocopy service at the VAC (at an extra cost) or submit their own copies of the passports that meet the following criteria:

  • A copy of the entire passport in either colour or black and white, on white paper min 60 gsm, photocopied 600 dpi minimum, actual size without any reduction or magnification, and orientated in landscape.

If applicants choose to submit their own copies, the VFS staff will check the copy of the entire passport against the original Passport to ensure it is a true and accurate copy.

When the application has been submitted and all appropriate fees have been paid, a barcode sticker will be placed on the cover of the passport and the passport will then be returned to the applicant. The applicant will need to sign that they accept the terms of the service on payment of the service and agree not to remove the barcode which has been placed on the passport.

How much does it cost?

The fee for this service is INR 4737 per application.

*Please note that Premium services offered by the UK VFS are subject to change, UK visa applicants are required to check with the UK VFS on the availability of the service and the fees for the same

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