In a measure designed to restrict entry of EU workers to the UK, it is likely that Britain will adopt a stringent immigration policy post BREXIT allowing only those EU workers who have a good salary and a good job offer to enter into the country.

It is expected that this screening is likely to reduce the immigration numbers as it is believed that almost 80% of immigrants who entered the UK in the last 10 years were either low skilled or in low paying jobs.

According to Migration Watch UK this measure would 100,000 from the total number of annual newcomers to the country; this total is currently more than 3 lakhs.

The report cites that there is likely to be exemptions in the case of businesses and hospitals, as there are major shortage in nursing field. The major focus though will be on high skill and high pay.

This position is likely to have an adverse impact on the negotiations between UK and the EU Leaders on the concessions that UK is likely to seek when it comes to triggering Article 50. It is expected that UK’s service sector is likely to be impacted as they will no longer have access to cheap labor from the EU market and with no scope of labour from outside the EEA being allowed the slowdown in the global economy is likely to have a detrimental impact.

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