Qualify for a UK Spouse Visa: The Specifics Explained

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Qualify for a UK Spouse Visa: The Specifics Explained

For a quick breakdown of the main things you need to be granted a spouse visa to live in the UK, read on.

Make sure you meet each of these things to qualify for the UK spouse visa and you’re well on your way to living there.

The number of family visas granted in the UK is rising every year. More and more people are going there to be with their loved ones, whether as dependents or spouses.

In fact, over 180,000 were granted in 2019.

The spousal visa, however, can seem confusing. There are strict requirements to be granted a UK spouse visa and it often leaves people struggling to know if they’ve done everything right.

You Must Have Met and Be Legally Married

To prevent arranged marriages or a situation where the couple have never met and quickly realize they aren’t compatible, the couple must be married and have met before.

It is preferred that the couple has met before, however, it may be possible to apply even if they have not met in person.

If it’s hard for you to go to the UK on a visitor’s visa, you should find a third country to meet up in. There needs to be some time together spent before a spouse visa will be granted in the UK.

The Sponsoring Partner Must Earn £18,600 Per Year

Among the list of documents for a UK spouse visa, you will have to provide documentation that your sponsoring spouse earns at least £18,600. This will increase with dependents.

You can make this up with savings, though it will require a lot more money. Salaried employment requires proof of at least six months of payslips. If you are self-employed then you must have earned above the threshold for at least 1 financial year.

You can use the following to prove income:

  • Tax statements
  • Bank statements
  • Payslips (six months worth)
  • A letter from your employer

It’s always better to have too much proof than too little so the more you can provide, the better.

You Must Have Adequate Accommodation

Another of the documents needed for a spouse visa is proof that you have adequate accommodation in the UK.

You will need to evidence that you have adequate accommodation available for you in the UK or you have made sufficient plans for the same.

The requirements surrounding this are often subjective.

You Must Speak English

You must pass English language test requirements unless you’re over 65 or suffer from certain disabilities.

This means you have to take a test to prove you can speak the language enough to get around on your own.

Tuberculosis Screening

If you’re from one of the listed countries, you will need to have a screening for Tuberculosis. This is mandatory for anyone coming to the UK for over six months who’s a resident of one of these countries, where TB is more prevalent.

If you pass the screening, you’ll be given a certificate valid for six months and must move within that time.

Proof of Genuine Relationship

The main thing you will have to provide with your application is proof of a genuine relationship. There are many ways you can go about doing this, and it’s really up to you.

Chat Logs

If most of your communication is done through a messenger of some sort or text messages, you can print off some chat logs to include with your application.

It doesn’t have to be every message you’ve ever sent each other, but some spanning a period of time will show a consistent and genuine relationship.

Call Logs

On the other hand, if you call and video chat a lot, a log of these works just as well. Try to include especially long calls or weeks where the calls were more frequent — always put your best foot forward when it comes to providing evidence of your relationship.

Social Media Posts

If you often tag each other in social media posts and have other people commenting, this is a great way to prove your relationship is genuine. Facebook updates (such as changing your status to ‘married’) show commitment, and that your relationship isn’t false.


Photographs together are perhaps the most effective way to demonstrate a genuine relationship.

If possible, try to pick some spanning a period of time so you can show that your relationship has always been strong and sincere.

Plane Tickets/Hotel Bookings

If you’ve taken trips together to other countries, plane and hotel bookings, as well as passport stamps, can show you were in the same place at the same time. Pictures and chat logs can be falsified, but these are a little more difficult to do!

Sworn Statements

You can also have family members and friends draft statements attesting to the fact your relationship is genuine.

These, however, should only really be used if you have a lack of other evidence. Chat logs, trips together, and pictures will show a genuine relationship much more than any family or friend could swear by.

Marriage and Birth Certificates, If Applicable

Lastly, you should always include the obvious — a copy of your marriage certificate, to prove you are legally spouses.

If you have any children together, their birth certificates (with both of your names on them) should also be submitted.

If You Can Do All of This, Your UK Spouse Visa Should Be Easy!

Applying for any visa can be daunting. There’s always a large list of requirements, and you may be unsure if you meet them all.

After reading this breakdown, you should be confident that you know what you need for your UK spouse visa. You can fill out the forms yourself or, if you want to be sure everything is correct, hire a lawyer to fill out the forms on your behalf and represent you.

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