Are you looking to unite with your loved one in the UK with a relationship Visa UK? A relationship Visa UK can either be a Spouse Visa or a Fiancé Visa.
Assisting in Fiancé visa or spouse visa applications is something our Immigration Advisors enjoy. Call us hopeless romantics if you will, but we simply enjoy bringing loved ones together by helping couples secure a Spouse visa the UK to reunite and live their lives together.

Now the question for any aspiring UK Visa applicant is this: Should we go for the Fiancé visa or the Spouse Visa or Unmarried partner visa? In order to provide some clarity on this dilemma, The SmartMove2UK presents to you some useful information regarding both the Fiancé Visa as well as the Spouse Visa, in order to help you distinguish between the two and act accordingly.

Fiancé visa

The purpose of the UK Fiance visa is to allow foreign nationals to enter the UK in order to marry their British or ‘settled’ partner.

The wedding must take place within 6 months from the date that the foreign national enters the UK.

This visa type is attractive to many because they can stay in the UK and switch to UK spouse visa.

Fiancé visas are very different from marriage visit visas. A marriage visit visa is a short term visa to enter the UK only to marry. At the end of the validity period of 6 months, the marriage visa holder must go back to their country of residence.

If your wish is to remain in the UK after your wedding, a marriage visa is not the category for you.

It is important for immigration consultants/assistants to help couples understand UK Visas and the fees that go with it, for example, the Immigration Health Surcharge with the Spouse Visa.

Spouse visa

If a couple’s preference is to marry somewhere outside of the UK, applying for the UK Spouse Visa from the applicant’s home country would be the preferred option as that will help them avoid the fees for fiancé visa fees and for the non-British partner’s family members to travel to the UK.

Also, the non-British partner would be granted entry to the UK for 2.5 years, and can immediately take up employment in the country. Now if the marriage is a recent marriage, it will potentially be subject to further scrutiny by the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration organization. However, this is something that can be overcome with proper preparation of the application with the help of professionals.


Therefore in most cases, it so happens that immigration consultants would advise couples to go with the Spouse Visa UK. However, every case is unique and hence must be deal with due consideration.

Whatever the case, UK Spouse Visa immigration advisors are always pleased with the part that they play in helping couples to secure their relationship Visas; drafting the application form, advising on the documents to be provided and inspecting them, preparing the application bundle of documents and booking the biometric appointment for them. Like mentioned at the start of this article, immigration assistants enjoy seeing couples reunited.

Here’s wishing all couples aspiring to live as a family in the UK the best of luck!

Have you applied for a Relationship Visa UK (Spouse or fiancé) and how did you find the experience?

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