When it comes to equality for women, the world has a long way to go. But any long journey for a good cause requires role models to lead the way. And no one fits the description of an ideal role model for women across the world as our Director, Mrs. Falguni Y Parekh.This is how our solicitor Falguni Parekh helped MSMEs to expand business in the UK

In our modern society, the corporate scenario is dominated by men. In a world full of men, it is an incredible feat for any woman to cause an impact as powerful as Mrs. Parekh has caused. She exemplifies all the traits a leader should have: courage, determination, and most importantly, an instinct for business. These traits enable people in her position to influence the world around them in a positive way, and boy has she influenced the world around her.

Falguni Y Parekh is responsible for helping numerous Indian corporations in their endeavors to expand their businesses into the UK. Immigration procedures are a large part of any international business expansion process, and when it comes to immigration law of the UK, no one does it better than Mrs. Parekh and her team at The SmartMove2UK.

Her efforts have not gone unnoticed by the media either, as exemplified in these press coverages.

This is how our solicitor falguni parekh helped msmes to expand business in the uk

Falguni Y Parekh has been a mentor, guide and propeller in the UK immigration advising industry in India. These qualities have led her to be covered in numerous media articles and reports, few of which we are showcasing today.

Our pride in Mrs. Falguni Y Parekh knows no bounds and is the reason why we feel compelled to showcase the acknowledgements she receives from society for her brilliant work in UK immigration law.

This is what our solicitor needs to guide the students for UK Student Visa

Do you run a successful business and envision a future for your business in the UK? Are you worried after reading ‘horror visa’ stories about UK Immigration? With people like Falguni Y Parekh in our society, you have nothing to fear. Contact our UK immigration attorneys for a one-stop solution to all your UK immigration needs!

Think Business Expansion in the UK. Think The SmartMove2UK.

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