Migrants on a Tier 2 Visa are a great pool of resources for UK employers looking for adequate skilled workers. Should an employer make an application for you under the restricted CoS, then the employer will need to provide evidence to the UKVI of a Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) being carried out. Let’s learn more about the RLMT from UK Tier 2 Visa Consultants in Mumbai. This ‘guide’ should be valuable to both aspiring Tier 2 skilled worker visa applicants as well as their employers ( certificate of sponsorship providers).

The resident labour market test is there to protect the settled workforce and means that the employer must advertise the job to give settled workers a chance to apply. They can only recruit a migrant if:

  1. RLMT is completed as per the provided instructions and the employer can demonstrate that no suitable settled worker is available to fill the job, or
  2. The job is exempt from the resident labour market test. (e.g. where salary offered is £ 155,300 or higher).

There are very few people out there with accurate knowledge regarding the RLMT, so be sure to get guidance from UK Tier 2 Visa Consultants in Mumbai to ensure that you understand the procedure properly.

To complete a RLMT for any job in Tier 2 (General) category, the employer must place two job advertisements using the methods permitted by the UKVI.

  1. Jobs must be advertised with the Job Centre and
  2. National Newspaper – which must be published at least once a week and is marketed throughout the UK or throughout the devolved nation in which the job is located or
  3. Professional Journal – which is published for a particular field and is available nationally either through retail outlets or subscriptions. The journal must be published at least once a month and be relevant to the nature of the job. Or
  4. Internet – there are no restrictions on the specific website but it must be an online version of a national newspaper, an online version of a professional journal or the website of a prominent or professional recruitment organization. Or
  5. Organisations which have over 250 permanent employees in the UK are also permitted to advertise the job on their own website.

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