Love is priceless, no matter the kind. And since love comes in many flavours, so does UK Partner Visas: the visas that enable you to join your loved one in the UK

UK Marriage Visa consultants in Mumbai are proud to say that the city of Bollywood offers some of the best love advice: advice on what to do if you fall in love with a British person or person settled in the UK.

To be more specific, The Smartmove2UK is an immigration law firm consisting of several expert UK marriage Visa consultants in Mumbai, who will be more than proficient to assist you with your visa applications to the UK.

Today’s lesson is to know all the kinds of UK partner visas (they are referred to as the UK Spouse Visa) in order to know which category you should apply under:

The Unmarried Partner Visa:

  • The Unmarried Partner Visa entitles the unmarried partner to enter and remain in the UK as long as they are in a relationship with a person who is present and an ordinary resident of the UK. The Unmarried Partner visa applies to same-sex relationships as well, provided that you can prove that your relationship is subsisting and has been in existence for at least 2 years. Recipients of the unmarried partner visa are eligible to work in the UK.Read How to prove genuine and subsisting relationship for UK Unmarried

The Fiancé Visa:

  • The Fiancé Visa category enables a UK resident to bring their fiancé to join them in the UK. The sponsor can be a British national or settled in the UK. Fiancé visas are unique in the sense that with a fiancé visa there is no requirement for the applicant and the sponsor to have lived together before making an application.

A Civil Partner Visa:

  • A Civil Partner Visa allows a person in a same-sex relationship who is not an EEA national to settle in the UK with their UK or EEA national partner. To qualify for entry to the UK you will need to be granted entry clearance prior to your arrival.
    Planning a destination wedding in UK.

UK Marriage Visitor Visa:

  • The UK Marriage Visit Visa is for those individuals who wish to get married in the UK. For example, if you want to have a destination wedding in the United Kingdom, you apply for a UK Marriage Visit Visa. If you have no intention of settling or remaining in the UK, and only wish to get married in the UK, then this visa may be appropriate.

Need advice on the right category of spouse visa? How to choose the right category of the Partner visa or spouse visa based on the category under which you meet all the UK spouse visa requirements.

But how do you be sure you make the right choice?

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