London woke up to a remarkable sight this dawn: the charming city looked even more beautiful with a blanket of snow.

A chilly negative four degrees Celsius in central London; the United Kingdom is being hit by some of the coldest weather in its history, and it’s set to stay this way for the remainder of the week.

The Meteorological Office has issued a warning to rural communities for they may be cut off due to the heavy snowfall as the ‘Beast from the East (as dubbed by the international media)’ continues to batter Britain.

Yet, there may be a positive aspect to the cold spell after all – if your place of work is forced to close due to the harsh weather conditions, you will likely still get paid.

According to the British government, “If the workplace is closed because of disruption and the employee doesn’t usually work from home, employers can’t usually deduct pay.”

Adding to the winter wonderland feeling, if your office is open but you child’s school is closed due to snow then you are legally entitled to take time off, as this is considered an official emergency by the government (although it’s up to your employer as to whether you get paid or not).

The website states: “If an employee’s child’s school is closed or their normal childcare arrangements are disrupted, they could have the right for time off to look after them.”

As Londoners wage war against transportation delays and fight the impulse to run outside and make snowmen, a snow-day could be right around the corner. Let’s all hope this weather continues then, for the sake of all of us office goers.

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