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The start of EU ‘Grace Period’ – What to expect?

A sole representative visa is used by an overseas company trying to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary or a branch of their business for the first time in the UK. This visa is also applicable for any employee from a broadcasting agency or news organization overseas assigned to a long-term project in the UK. This visa can be applied online before a period of 3 months from outside the UK. You will get a decision within 3 weeks outside of the UK and 8 weeks inside of the UK. The visa validity is 3 years and extension can be made up to 2 years. After 5 years, you can apply for a permanent settlement inside the UK. If you want to apply for a visa from Delhi, you can use the services of the SmartMove2UK’s visa consultant in Delhi.

Eligibility for UK Sole Representative Visa

To be eligible for the visa you need to keep in mind the following 2 criteria

  • You should have enough money to support yourself without taking external help or using public funds.
  • You must meet the English language requirement condition.

The sole representative visa application will only be valid when

  • You are recruited by a company whose headquarters are outside the UK.
  • You possess the skills to fulfil the job role.
  • You hold a senior position in the company but aren’t a majority shareholder.
  • The branch of the company in the UK must be the first commercial venture of the company in the UK.

You can find the UK sole representative visa application consultant in Delhi to help you know if you have the eligibility to apply for the visa.

Knowledge of English

When you apply for a sole representative visa, you need to fulfil the criteria of the English language. You can do this using two methods-
By successfully completing an English language test approved by the Home Office up to a level A1 in speaking and listening.
Having academic qualifications that are equivalent to the UK’s bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D. taught in the English language.

There are a few countries mentioned in the visa guidance which are exempted from the English language requirement condition by the Home Office. If you hold citizenship of any of those countries then you can be exempted from the English language requirement clause. However, India doesn’t come under that list.

Documents you need to provide

When you apply for a sole representative visa, you will need the following documents

  • Any form of travel identification like your current passport.
  • Necessary evidence to show that you can support yourself and any dependants during your trip to the UK, like bank statements or payslips of the last 6 months.
  • A proof that you meet the English language requirement.

As a sole representative, you must have the following proofs at your disposal

  • A complete description of the activities of the business, details of assets and accounts.
  • A written document confirming that your business will set up a branch in the UK with the same business activity as it has in the overseas parent company.
  • Your employment details, job description, and salary details.

You also need evidence of

  • Your direct employment to the business. You must not be a sales agent or anything similar for the company.
  • Your recruitment outside of the UK.
  • Your position in the company while not being the majority shareholder.
  • Your work in the UK as a full-time role.

For newspapers, news, and broadcast agencies, the evidence must include

  • A description of the activities of the parent company along with assets and accounts.
  • A confirmation of your representation in a full-time role for the company.

You can apply for the visa online and provide biometrics in the visa application center. To help you with the visa application process, representative UK consultants in Delhi have the experience and knowledge at their disposal to surf through legal issues and make a successful application for you.

How to extend UK Sole Representative Visa

To extend your visa, you must fulfil the same eligibility criteria that you did when you first applied for the visa. Your visa can be extended for 2 more years after the completion of the 3-year visa period. You need to apply for the extension online and provide your biometrics and supporting documents at the visa application center. The extension period is the same as the application, that is, 3 weeks.

Who can be a dependant family members

Any family member is defined as a dependant if the family member is

  • A husband, wife, or partner.
  • A child, under the age of 18.

In case a child is born during the period of your stay in the UK, you can apply for a UK dependant visa after providing the full UK birth certificate at the visa application center.

The process of applying for a sole representative visa can be made much easier using a consultancy service.

In Delhi, you can take the help of the SmartMove2UK’s services to apply for your visa.

The personal review service can help you find out errors in your application which can lead to potential rejection.

You can also choose the SmartMove2UK’s full representation services. Through this service, you can have your UK sole representative visa application done by an expert consultant in Delhi. They will help you from the start to the end of the process.

A successful visa application in a short time would ensure you prioritize other aspects of your moving to the UK possible.

Can I upgrade my UK visa application from priority to super priority at VFS centre Delhi?

- Question asked in a forum
Yes, you can apply through Super Priority Visa. However, you need to check whether the category you are applying allows you to apply for the same.
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