While my Immigration lawyer friend was still dating his wife, he was worried about many things like impressing her, not making a fool of himself, etc. One thing he wasn’t worried about was the costs of the Spouse Visa UK or the tedious spouse visa application rules.

However, after a dramatic movie-like romance, they got married, pregnant, and decided to move to the UK, in order to ensure that their child could have the life and the future my friend always dream of.

He tells me that having spent so many years asking his clients to stop crying in his office, he was now in their exact situation: crying in the attempt to explain to his newly married wife why the UK Spouse Visa was causing such a big roadblock to their family plans.

In the next several days, he honed his application with a fine-tooth comb and reached several lessons. The first and most important lesson he says he would describe to any future applicant is as follows:

UK Spouse visas are sinfully expensive

The UK spouse visa fee is £2,664, including the £1,200 immigration health surcharge. In addition, the waiting times include anything from a few to several months for entry clearance applications. If you want to pay for the application to be expedited, it will cost you another £551.

The application process also must include a purchase of a courier service of £100 for the return of documents. The total cost of the visa (a period of 2 and a half years) was £2,659. There will be similar levels of costs when leave granted is nearing to end and the application will have to be extended, or if the applicant chooses to eventually go for a settlement.

This cost figure does not include legal fees (for the people who are not immigration lawyers like my friend) or the several flights required to continue to live together with your spouse while keeping a tab on the immigration rules of 2 different countries.

Conclusion: be careful about where you spend your legal fees.

Like my friend painfully learned, it costs a lot of money to get through a spouse visa application successfully. Therefore it is imperative that you use your money wisely wherever you can, like hiring the type of legal advisors that will get your visa application done right on the first try itself.

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