It is not uncommon for a Bengaluru person to spend a lot of time in cyberspace. After all, it is the ‘silicon valley’ of India. But being an IT hub entails more than just having IT companies, it’s also about the providing the vast floating population of the city (that include mostly young, ambitious professionals with a zeal to do exciting things in life) with all the needs that they require.

While considering such needs, it is easy to overlook the nuances. For example, if you are an IT professional who happens to have fallen in love with a person of the UK, how would you plan to live your life together? Well, this particular nuance has been taken care of by The SmartMove2UK.

We understand that being such a multicultural city, there is bound to be a need for UK Spouse Visa consultants in Bangalore. After all, London has always played a big role in travel for Indians across the world. Be it the culture or the historical significance, it’s easy to fall in love in the gorgeous capital of the UK.

Now you might have everything taken care of in life in terms of your finances and career moves, but nothing prepares you for such a situation. You fall in love with a British citizen or person with Indefinite Leave to Remain [ILR] and want to move in with them. What do you do next? Well, approach professional UK Spouse Visa consultants in Bangalore obviously.

The associates at The SmartMove2UK pride themselves on catering to any and all UK immigration needs, whether it is business visa or personal visas to the UK. The UK Spouse Visa and the Spouse Visa extension UK procedures, therefore, are a piece of cake for our professionals. According to Joyce Soans, one of our experienced Associate, “the spouse Visa applications have definitive requirements with no scope for discretion. You either meet them, or you don’t.”
Why don’t we give you a quick overview of a Spouse Visa so you get clear on whether or not you’re looking for one?

Joyce Soans on UK Spouse Visa Bangalore
Overview of the Spouse Visa by the best UK Spouse Visa consultant in Bangalore:

  • UK spouse visa is a category of UK visa for applicants who are married to or in a relationship with a British Citizen or a settled person indefinite leave to remain (ILR).
  • A non- EEA national can apply for a spouse settlement visa to join their partner who is a British Citizen or settled person. This is a settlement visa and the initial entry clearance is for 33 months.
  • The sponsor is required to meet the financial eligibility requirements.
  • The applicant is required to meet the English language requirement.
  • UK Spouse visa is also referred to as UK spousal visa, UK marriage visa, and at times even UK husband visa or UK wife visa, due to the semantics of the English Language. They all mean the same thing: a UK Spouse Visa.

To find out everything you need to regarding the entire UK Spouse Visa application process.

To cut a long story short, you are entitled to be an applicant for a Spouse Visa or a Spouse Visa extension UK if you are a non-EU/EEA national who is married to a British citizen or person settled in the UK. You may have met your British spouse in any manner, be it through a chat room from Bangalore or on a holiday in Scotland.

The sponsor is a British citizen or individual who has Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) (ILR) and wants to bring their spouse to the UK.

Now that you know about the Spouse Visa, why keep your better half waiting for halfway around the world? Approach a UK Spouse Visa consultant in Bangalore today for all your Spouse visa needs, be it a first-time application or a Spouse Visa extension UK.

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