In the end of the first quarter of immigration database, it has been estimated that out of the 143.9 million emigrant and immigrant visas granted, including those who arrive under the umbrella term of returning UK resident, only 2% (about 162,254) were granted for family-related purposes which astonishingly covers Partners, Children, Other dependant, Dependants on other UK visas as well as EEA family permit. The UK Spouse Visa trends 2020 paint a difficult picture for aspiring applicants.

The UK spouse visa or partner visa has always been notoriously difficult to crack, thanks to the stringent financial threshold, documentation process and the test of proof for a “legitimate subsisting relationship”, which is extremely difficult to prove in front of ECO due to the surge in sham marriages. As per a report in The Freedom of Information requested by, there has been an insurgence of sham marriages, from 204 sham marriages in 2010 to 2,488 in 2014. The investigation officers has reported an astonishing growth of over 1,100 per cent over just four yearsi.

This false marriage cases have become a huge hurdle for potential spouses and partners who wish to enter UK as the government in an elaborate attempt to curb such malpractices reject genuine applicants resulting in gross violation of Article 8 which states the right of family and private life.

The financial requirement involves adhering to annual income of £18,600 by the UK spouse or partner plus an additional rise in cost of £3,800 for one child and a further £2,400 per additional child after the first. As per a leading statistic body, about 41% of the British population do not have enough financial standing to bring in their spouse or partner to UK as per the income standard.

In such circumstances, the concept of “Skype families” may become more prevalent due to the in- process status of Brexit. Already about 15,000 children have to live without their parents due to UK’s immigration rules as per the statistics reported by the Children’s Commissioner for England.

As per the first quarterly statistic report of National Statistic by the Home Office, Out of the total entry clearance which relates to family matter, 48313 from 2019 to 40099 in 2018 there has been an increase of 20% . The below statistics gives a brief overview of the complete statistic comparison from 2018 to 2019.

This drastic change can be better comprehended in the below table where there has been an overall positive change of 21% from 2018 to 2019 when it comes to entry clearance being granted when it comes to application that has been received by the Home Office.

Statistical data of UK Spouse Visa | 2018-19
Visa type Year ending March 2018 Year ending March 2019 Change Percentage change
Visa type Year ending March 2018 Year ending March 2019 Change Percentage change
Family-related visas granted of which: 40,099 48,313 +8,214 +20%
Partners 31,783 36,148 +4,365 +14%
Children1 2,315 6,245 +3,930 +170%
Other dependants 6,001 5,920 -81 -1%
Dependants on other visas2 65,779 73,333 +7,554 +11%
EEA Family permits granted 27,905 40,608 +12,703 +46%
Total 133,783 162,254 +28,471 +21%

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iSham marriages have increased by almost 850% and authorities ‘are overwhelmed’ by Laura Mowat


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