The UK has been known to be a safe haven for the world’s prestigious universities ranging from the second oldest university which is still in operation to the newest diploma courses catering to every need. Each year lakhs of students apply to these universities but the acceptance rate is quite minuscule especially for students seeking admission from outside the UK; and even after being accepted to these universities it is quite a task to enter the UK, thanks to its eligibility criteria to enter the UK under student visa also known as Tier 4 student visa.

To help you soar your wings to the UK, we at SmartMove2UK, UK Visa consultants in Delhi have listed down the ultimate guide to UK student visa eligibility for applying to the student visa.

Eligibility for UK Student Visa

It is necessary to know as to what category of student visa you wish to apply as UK deals with various aspects such as if you wish to study for short-term basis or general basis, they even provide a different visa if you’re below the Eligibility for UK Student Visaage of 18.

There are 3 most important core aspects to be eligible as a UK Student Visa:

  1. An unconditional offer of place on a course with a licensed Tier-4 sponsor
  2. Enough evidence with regards to your financial situation is such that you can sustain yourself without any recourse to public funds but can avail for a sponsor if required which varies from course to course.
  3. Your university will provide you with a CAS also known as certificate acceptance for studies which is basically a reference number which is extremely necessary for your visa application.

CAS is also provided if you wish to work as a student union sabbatical officer or stay in the UK to look for work after you’ve finished your PhD or doctorate – the ‘Doctorate Extension Scheme’ (DES).

Students from the age group of 4-17 and wish to study at an independent school can avail for Tier-4(Child) Student visa. Before availing for Tier-4(Child) Student visa, it is extremely important to have a prior place on a course along with the consent of a parent or guardian and have enough money to cover your course fees and living costs. It is also necessary to be from a country that’s not in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and to meet any other eligibility requirements provided by the Home department.

Student visa application as always been our forte at The SmartMove2UK, thanks to our UK based solicitors and UK student visa consultants in Delhi. To get better acquainted with the other intricacies of applying for student visas, you do not need to fret over and highly recommend an appointment with us.

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