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The UK is one of the best countries in the world in terms of education, with the likes of some great universities like University of Cambridge and Oxford University.

As a result, the UK is home to over 100,000 international students from over 200 different nations. This is one major reason why international students opt for the UK more than any other country in the world. The universities, colleges, and schools are amongst the best and recognized globally. Hence every year there are many students who apply for the UK student visa.

The students can apply for UK Tier 4 student visa if they intend to study a full-time degree course in the UK. Student’s visas are not issued for part-time courses. The eligibility is calculated on a points-based system called a Tier 4 Student Visa.

It’s no surprise then that UK student visa consultants in Mumbai (and everywhere in the world) are flooded with students looking for assistance and guidance with their visa application process. Let’s take one of our clients at The Smartmove2UK for example.

Mr. Akshay had scored great numbers in his academics to get the Bachelors in Management Studies Degree. He was very happy with his achievement. He wanted to study further. He thought for doing Masters in Management from abroad. He was not sure about which country provides the best education in this stream. He researched and found that UK is one of the best countries in terms of education provider. He started the preparation to get an admission in a University in UK. He gave all the entrance exams to get the admissions in the UK. One fine day he got the offer letter from University of Cambridge. He was very happy and excited. Later he realized that he just got the offer and not the visa. He was all worried about getting a visa. He researched about the visa required for studies in the UK. He came to know that he needs a UK Tier 4 (General) Student Visa. But he was confused about his requirement and procedure in getting the visa. He searched about UK Student Visa Consultants in Mumbai.

That is when he came across The Smartmove2UK website. He was impressed with the reviews and testimonials of their clients. He decided to start his application.

The Smartmove2UK started Akshay’s application in no time. They advised him about the eligibility requirements and the documents he required. He was very nervous about his visa, but Smartmove2UK made sure he is stress-free. Within a week Akshay’s was ready for the submission. He submitted all his documents with his application form. He was now waiting for his decision to come. After few days he received all the documents he had submitted at the time of submission. He opened the pack and found that he got his visa. He was very happy. He recommended Smartmove2UK has the best UK Student Visa Consultants in Mumbai. Now he is about to complete his Masters.

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