Planning is very important in our life. Likewise, planning your visa ahead of time is also an important part. We have seen many people who do not plan on time to apply for a UK Visa. Not planning on time may result in refusal of the application. So, before making any plans or bookings in the UK, plan your visa first. Check whether you are eligible for the visa or not, check the supporting documents you required for the visa.

Let us have a look at the following UK Visa checklist of things to ensure before applying for the visa:

1. Make sure you do thorough research about the UK Immigration rules

It is rightly said that “Half Knowledge is equal to No Knowledge”. Do not start your Visa process having half knowledge about UK Immigration rules. You should have thorough research on the type of the UK Visa application you are applying for.

2. Understand if you are entirely eligible for your visa

Only knowing the immigration rules is not enough, you need to be eligible for the visa you are applying for. Different categories of UK visas have different eligibility criteria. Here at Smartmove2UK, we check the eligibility of the client before starting the process. You can also book an appointment with Smartmove2UK for checking you are eligible for the particular UK visa or not.

3. You must select the correct visa application forms

The visa application process is online. Each and every UK visa category has different application forms. Make sure to know your correct visa category so that you can submit the correct visa application form. Some UK Visas, such as UK Tier 1 Visa or any Settlement Visa application, require a hardcopy application form also known as Appendix. The appendix should be filled and submit along with your online application form and other supporting documents. Note that the Appendix is not an online form. You need to download Appendix based on your visa category and fill it and submit at VFS along with your documents. If you didn’t select the correct form then it could lead to refusal of your visa application.

4. Fill the Application form honestly and with full attention

After selecting the correct application form your next step will be to fill it. Just don’t fill your application form in a hurry. You should pay attention to each and every question asked in the form. Pay attention to dates, spellings, etc. while filling an application form. Similarly, you need to fill your application honestly. There is no need to hide anything from Entry Clearance Officer (ECO). Each and every question should be answered honestly. In case of refusals, please mention in your current application form also. Any false answer can result in refusal of your application. It may also lead to False Representation and ECO can ban you from entering in the UK for 10 years. So fill the entire form with attention and honesty.

5. Make sure you submit Original Documents as well as Photocopies

Make sure you don’t submit all Photocopies of the documents. Some documents are meant to be sent Original. Don’t make a mistake by sending photocopies of the documents otherwise, the ECO can refuse your application. So double check which documents you are sending Original and which you are sending photocopies. Here at Smartmove2UK, we will help you to understand which documents are meant to be sent Original.

If our UK Visa checklist – 2018 was helpful to you, then you can be assured that our immigration experts at The Smart Move 2 UK have the expertise to guide you start to finish on your UK Visa application. Our UK Visa Consultants have the expertise to deal with UK Immigration law head-on.

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